Introducing the MADE LOCAL Initiative

Introducing the MADE LOCAL Initiative

Have you noticed the Blue Wave hitting your social media feeds these last few days and wondered what it’s all about?

Well, it’s a fantastic new campaign called MADE LOCAL, recently launched by the Design & Craft Council of Ireland. Its aim is to shine a light on Ireland’s incredible designer-maker community. Mishe Studio Design is proud to be part of this movement. 

It’s time that we all took stock and perhaps time to question our habits of spending our money outside of Ireland when buying online, while neglecting the wealth of beautifully designed and handmade products made right here on our doorstep. 

Did you know that 

“If each adult spent just €20 extra in small businesses each week for the next 12 weeks, this would amount to an injection of €875 million into the local economy and would have a huge positive impact on the vibrancy of local communities”

- Small Firms Association 



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